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My thoughts on FireFly

This is mostly a placeholder for now. I've already shared what I like about it and why it was selected in Why Firefly? This article will be about my findings along the way, and perhaps a summary at the end.

My thoughts on Go

Summary My initial knee-jerk reaction about Go was correct: it's a language made by someone who is clearly very opinionated and seems to miss the forest for the trees. However, it seems that their opinions align with mine enough that I somewhat enjoy using it. I …

Putting It All Together

We started with an idea, then some sample code, and now we have a fully operational Death Star contract. Now we just need a network to deploy it to, and a way to talk to the contract.

Adapting the Code - Writing Fabric Code

Hyperledger Fabric does not use the term "smart contract", but instead "chaincode". I prefer this term for two reasons: My previous team and I built an entire SDK to soften up some of the sharp edges in the TypeScript Fabric SDK and make it faster…