Atlas-ian Mistake

You may know that I used to proudly show that I have worked with Atlassian JIRA for many years. I have written countless customizations and even plugins for it. Trained hundreds of people, and ran many successful projects. It all ends now.

Over the last 10 years, they have been neglecting the Server version. Many highly requested bugs and features simply went ignored and were "not prioritized." Atlassian was too busy increasing their prices and constantly re-working their cloud UI despite many existing customers begging them to stop.

It is apparent that they believe in their name - they believe that they hold the whole world on their shoulders, and so they can charge whatever they want for their software and control how to use it.

They just announced what they have obviously been planning for some time: they are discontinuing their server products.

Their goal is to force everyone into the cloud, and they believe they know what is best for everyone. For the time being, they are offering their Data Center Option. For many people, this is a 10x cost increase, and there is no guarantee that it will be around forever.

Their cloud offering is more limited than their server version, and you are at the mercy of their mindless UX updates. They have literally gone full-circle from a top nav bar, to a left nav bar, BACK to a top nav bar. Except now that it's back on top, it is missing some of the main buttons that are used on a daily basis.

It is such a shame to see a once great company force many of their long-time customers out the door in a profit-crazed, cloud-fanatical, rampage.

Goodbye Atlassian; I am seeking (or building) your replacement.

P.S. The cherry on top of this is that this is literally on their "company values" page: