McAfee LiveSafe Uninstall Fails

Here's another one for the "Just Wrong" department. It also makes me think I should add "what is the tech world coming to" tag.

Why has it become acceptable for the default state of things to be broken?

  1. Buy a new Lenovo
  2. Try to uninstall the McAfee Live Safe bloatware that comes with it
  3. Fail

It's OK though, you can go to McAfee's site for help. They have it written right in their instructions (here). "You should be able to remove it, but if not then use this tool".

So, this means they are well aware that their application fails to remove itself from computers. What's the solution? Make people download another tool to remove it! In the world where we're supposed to be worried about downloading new EXE files and running them, how is this a good plan?

Instead of fixing their broken uninstaller, they require users to download an extra tool to uninstall a tool they never asked for in the first place... Great job!

Furthermore, their uninstaller app doesn't respect DPI settings. So, if you're running one of those awesome high resolution screens today's convertibles - prepare to squint!