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I recently had the task of creating wedding invites

I wanted to do something a bit more unique though. Everyone is using QR codes these days. I bet I could make an application for filling handling the RSVPs and give people a fancy unique link and QR code. Unfortunately, I'm very busy these days and it seemed like far-fetched dream. Fortunately, someone else already had the idea and did the work!

I've been very pleased with this project and only had to make some minor changes for my environment because I want to run it as a sub-application. For someone else, this would be the perfect standalone package!

Awesome, now I have a web-based RSVP system that can generate unique QR codes

Now I need to embed these into the invite template

I was about to fire up GIMP, but then realized that perhaps someone else may have thought about this too... I tried my luck on a StackExchange site and it was super-helpful by closing my question as "off topic". (Update in 2022 - they decided to go further and delete the question. This is a big part of why I don't contribute to SO anymore)


I finally stumbled onto this awesome tool called NIP2

based on the libvips library: ) and also supports ImageMagik actions.

The library was a bit hard to wrap my head around, but thankfully the official GUI NIP2 makes it much easier. Once you understand how it works, and get past some Windows batch script nonsense, it's a breeze.

You basically set up your workspace as a list of actions. I made a workspace that starts with my source file, crops and scales up the QR code generated by PHP RSVP, and embeds the hyperlink using the same font as my invite.

In the end, I used this single command to generate all my unique invites:

for %i in ("qr codes/*") do nip2-cli -bpV -o invite_%~ni.png --set Workspaces.tab2.B3=\\\"%~ni\\\"