Spoiler: don't waste your time or money on this game. The developers clearly aren't interested in supporting anything other than what they consider to be the first priority - which for now is giving away free content while their founder members deal with a buggy game.

I've recently had the ... experience ... of playing Fortnite. Initially, I would have said it is great fun to play. Now, I would not say that.

Let's give it a quick overview of the Pro's and Con's


  • Active community
  • Regular new content
  • Novel play style


  • Buggy with no support from developers
  • Developers haven't completed the founder version people paid for, but are spending time on a free-to-play PVP mode
  • I think the lead developer's name is Grindy McGrinderson von Grindsville.


The Good:

The novel part of the game that drew me, and few of my common "accomplices" into this game was the idea of building and fighting merged into one. You can be a Constructor and build cool bases and traps, or you can be a melee class and face-wreck zombies.

This was really fun in the beginning to actually build up a base and defend it each round. It doesn't have a full RPG feel because there is a bit of re-building to do each time. It doesn't have a full FPS feel because you do get to level up your guns and characters.


The Bad:

I started to notice somewhat regular bugs. I reported them regularly and provide details to the developers. This isn't my first pre-release, Beta, or whatever you want to call the current state of Fortnite. However, I did notice that there was no compensation for the bugs. In other games, the developers were kind enough to actually READ the tickets you submitted and do something about it. Wasted an hour in a mission that crashed? We're sorry, here's a consolation prize. Finished the mission and didn't get credit? We're sorry, we've fixed it for you.

This DOES NOT exist with Epic Games. I have lost hours and hours of progress because of simple bugs like mobs spawning in the walls, achievements not registering properly, maps not generating properly, etc. I have NEVER received a single response from Epic, nor have I received any compensation to ease the bother of my lost time.

Furthermore, I noticed that Epic Games ACTIVELY drops connections to anyone in China. I hope you're not traveling and trying to play this game, because you will need VPN - and it will be slow. I asked Epic about this via their Support, and (of course) got ignored a few times. Then I got a few cookie-cutter responses about "paste your logs...". In one of my first messages to them I pointed out that I had already debugged the network from my side and found that their servers were actively rejecting connections. This was of course after they said they couldn't reveal their server IPs because they were private. I've never heard of private IPs on public servers. I guess I'm stupid.

I asked if they would fix this server issue, and they gave me another cookie cutter response that Fortnite is not available in my area (China). No explanation about why - just "Tough luck"

Simply put - Epic Games does not care about issues the player has.

The Ugly:

Me and my brothers all bought the Founder's edition to this great game advertised as PVE. A few months into it, Epic games developed another game mode called "Battle Royale". They have been pushing publicity for it HARD, and making sure everyone knows its free. That's right - before they have finished the PVE version they got a bunch of suckers hopeful fans to pay for, they're handing out free new features to people who have never paid. And they still ignore support messages. I don't know about you, but that's another level of "thanks for your money, BYE!" than I've experienced pretty much anywhere.

They take your money,

they don't finish what they sold you,

they give free things to other people.

They ignore any requests for support.


p.s. I'm so fed up with them right now that I can't even begin to write about how little creativity there is in the quest line, and how GRINDY this game is.